travel virtual events

We can’t socialize as we want, and we are running out of series to binge-watch. If you miss travel and are looking for ways to engage with others while spending your evenings at home,  Explore More Family Travel has put together some pretty fabulous virtual events to keep you connected during this time in our lives when we are not only isolated from the world, but also each other.  Let’s travel together!  Virtually, of course.

In 2021, Explore More Family Travel will introduce a new theme each month, and there are three ways to explore more about the theme.


virtual event kits

An opportunity to purchase travel-inspired kits which will be discussed during the Sips & Trips Virtual Event..  Each kit will be unique and tie to a monthly theme, but each virtual event will involve sipping a beverage, engaging with others, and connecting with the world in a new way. Click here for more details.

virtual travel events

No purchase necessary.  Experience a new country from the comfort of your own home.   Currently, the Sips & Trips Virtual Event is the only one scheduled, but we are working with more businesses to create additional events in the near future.   For more information on this month’s event, click here.

Think of this as a casual webinar.  It is a chat between a travel industry colleague and myself coupled with some stunning visuals.  This is not a Zoom setup, so no need to turn your camera on – just tune in for no more than 30 minutes to ‘explore more’.  You can interact with my co-host and me via chat, but no pressure to do so!  More details can be found here.

travel book club

This is not your typical book club.  No rules, come and go as you please. It’s for anyone with a yearning to learn more about traveling or living abroad.  This book club has one purpose … to connect us to the big, beautiful world through literature.  It is vital to our society to see that we are part of a much bigger picture.⁠  Click here for more details.