Travel design Options & fees


Until the late 1990s the only way to “book” travel was direct with the provider or to go to a travel agent. There was no Expedia, Orbitz, or hotel booking platforms. Cruise lines didn’t have websites. So many agents considered themselves “booking” agents. You told them what you wanted, and they booked it.  Now, anybody can book travel.  Travel agents had to evolve to survive.  So, they took on a more consultative approach.  No longer were they booking agents, they were travel advisors to help clients understand options and create amazing vacation experiences. 

Sure, you can book your own travel.  Anybody can do that, but how do you know you are making the right choices?  Explore More Family Travel guides you through the travel process to ensure your vacation is beyond amazing.  Every trip is custom designed.  Each detail is handled by a travel professional who uses travel expertise and industry connections to ensure your trip is everything you dreamed it would be.   When you use Explore More Family Travel, you are entering a partnership with someone who will learn your travel style and preferences so that all of your future travels are effortless.

Travel design is a service.  I could do my own taxes, but I know my accountant will do a better job than me.  My accountant will also save me precious time so that I can spend more time doing the things I care about like spending time with my family.  Your time is valuable.  Do not waste it stressing out about your vacation.  Vacations are an investment of your time and money.  Ensure that you are getting the most value for your time and money by using a travel advisor.  When you use Explore More Family Travel, all you need to worry about is packing your bags and posting your vacay photos!

For a better understanding on the value Explore More Family Travel can provide you, as well as how the process works, please see our Services page.

vacation planning services


Everyone wants to know, how much do you charge?  I won’t leave you hanging any longer … the answer is, “it depends”.  

I know, I know you want a better answer than that.  So I am going to  post some estimates below, but please note that until you fill out the travel style questionnaire and we have our complimentary consultation call, I can’t give a definitive answer.  

If you are going to Europe for 2 weeks, the fee will be more than a family going to an all-inclusive resort for a long weekend.  Please see some examples of services I provide and fees associated with each one below.  I hope this helps clear things up, but please feel free to reach out with any questions.


Prices start at $250 per household for 1+week itinerary*

Want me to create a highly customized itinerary that caters to your every whim and desire?  Thank you!  You just made my day.  I love analyzing the logistics of an itinerary and finding the perfect place for you to stay.  However, my favorite part is discovering the experiences that best fit your personality and will define your trip.  It is the experiences you have while traveling that will always stay with you and keep you forever linked to your travel destination.

Your entire trip will be presented to you via an interactive itinerary app that even works offline when you can not find wi-fi.  Pretty neat, right? The basic travel research and design fee gives you an outline of the major components of each day.  If you are the type that wants every minute planned with an activity, down to your dining reservations, the price will go up, but the bonus is that you really will not have to think about anything while you are away.  You will be able to focus 100% on enjoying your vacation.  Some travelers need flexibility, some do not.  You get to decide.

Escorted Tours, Cruises, & All-Inclusive Bookings
Prices start at $100 per household for a long weekend*

Whether you want to be part of an escorted tour, go on a big ship or a river cruise, or stay at an All-Inclusive resort, there will be fewer details of the trip for me to plan and the price reflects that.  My role will be to match you and your travel companions with the best travel company that suits your needs.  This option also includes the itinerary app, but since most of the activities will occur through the ship, tour company, or resort, it will only provide the basics like flights, transportation, and accommodation details.

*pricing includes booking flights, pricing is less for those booking their own flights

 The More, The Merrier
Group Travel; Prices start at $50 per person

Ever heard of the term herding cats?  Getting a group traveling together on the same page can be a monumental task.  Between the varying opinions on what to do and the administrative work involved, trust me when I say you want a travel professional handling the trip.  

Analysis Paralysis
Points & Miles Analysis; $200 flat fee

Two things to know about me 1) I was a financial analyst prior to owning my own travel business 2) I am obsessed with points and miles.  If you have so many miles that you do not know what to do with them, let me help.  

Many of us have varying points and miles balances.  It can be overwhelming to determine which points or miles should be redeemed for what, so you just let them sit there.

Will you get a better value by using your Delta Skymiles or credit card points towards airfare purchase?  I can create an analysis that helps you make these decisions.

Consultation Only; $100 flat fee

Do you just need somebody to talk to about your trip?  A sounding board?

Maybe you are the kind of person that genuinely likes planning your own vacation.  I get it, so do I!  But even I like to bounce my ideas off other travel advisors in my industry to ensure that my trip is going to work for me.  I am happy to advise you on your current plans.

Jet Lag Assistance
Booking fee of $50 per ticket

Bare-bones Support
Resort or Cruise Booking; no charge

Admittedly, this is not what my business is about, but there is no need to charge you a fee when I simply book your vacation.  If you know exactly where or how you want to travel, I am happy to make the booking for you. I will make sure you get the VIP treatment that you deserve.