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This is not your typical book club.  It is not meant to promote a love of all books.  It is meant to promote a love of books about traveling or living abroad.  Not to say we don’t love all books, but this book club has one purpose … to connect us to the big, beautiful world through literature.  It is vital to our society to see that we are part of a much bigger picture.⁠  This is more important now than ever before. 

To be honest, I am not much of a reader, but I want to be.  My kids have become avid readers during the pandemic, and we visit the library all the time to check out more books.  I wanted to get in on the fun, so I have made a commitment to read at least one book a month.  What better way to keep myself committed than to start a book club, right?   I will also recommend a follow up book each month for the faster readers!


My wanderlust is literally crippling at times.  I do mind acrobats trying to figure out how I can make the next trip work.  My mood is affected by my ability to see the world and explore.  My entire business was shut down by the pandemic.  Only recently have I started getting inquiries again.  I am not scheduled to travel abroad again until June.  There is a long road ahead for those of us in the travel industry.  We are so lucky to do what we are passionate about, but that also means it is a double whammy when our career and passion is taken down by a global pandemic.  I had two choices, 1) go crazy or 2) bring the world to me in other ways.  Lucky for you, I chose #2.  This travel book club is just a piece of #2

So is this type of book club important?  Yes.  Is it going to be fun?  Heck yes.  We’ll go beyond the book, we’ll talk about the culture where the book takes place and the experiences any of us have had there.  I am going to make it as interactive as possible in a Zoom format.  Oh yeah, and we’ll drink wine.  Or whatever it is you drink that makes you happy.  Cheers!

One more thing:  this is a no pressure book club.  Come and go as you please.  You are not committing to reading every book every month.  Participate when you can.  You know what they say, the more the merrier!  Join The Travel Book Club on Facebook to chat about the book, even if you can’t make it to the virtual meeting via Zoom.


Good question.  My business is running a destination theme each month of 2021.  I am trying to coordinate the books with the theme.  So let me guess your next question …


Sips & Trips is featuring Mexico in June.  Jen will be in the Cancun area from June 12-19, and Cari was just in Puerto Vallarta.  More details coming soon!

I want to spend time this month focusing on destinations that are not as popular as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, especially the mountain towns like San Miguel de Allende which is high on my list of Mexican towns to visit.

On Mexican Time: A New Life in San Miguel by Tony Cohan

When Los Angeles novelist Tony Cohan and his artist wife, Masako, visited central Mexico one winter they fell under the spell of a place where the pace of life is leisurely, the cobblestone streets and sun-splashed plazas are enchanting, and the sights and sounds of daily fiestas fill the air. Awakened to needs they didn’t know they had, they returned to California, sold their house and cast off for a new life in San Miguel de Allende. On Mexican Time is Cohan’s evocatively written memoir of how he and his wife absorb the town’s sensual ambiance, eventually find and refurbish a crumbling 250-year-old house, and become entwined in the endless drama of Mexican life. Brimming with mystery, joy, and hilarity, On Mexican Time is a stirring, seductive celebration of another way of life—a tale of Americans who, finding a home in Mexico, find themselves anew.


We are meeting after the Sips & Trips event concludes on June 30th at 8 pm ET in hopes that you will join us for that too!  This month we are making Tacos al Pastor with a chef from Puerto Vallarta.  More details HERE!

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