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Exploring The Private Resort Concept

Some think of a villa as a great private experience when traveling with friends and family, but what if you could have more?   

What if you need more?  Sometimes a 6-7 bedroom house is not quite large, exclusive, or serviced enough for a true pampered vacation

If you are looking to elevate your experience when traveling with a group of friends and family, it is time to explore the Private Resort concept.   Villas typically provide a base staff including a butler, housekeeper, and sometimes a chef, laundress, and gardener.  A private resort provides you not only with the privacy of a villa but also with the comprehensive facilities, staff, and service of a 5-star resort.

There are villas that are part of a larger resort, but in those cases, you are still sharing general facilities with other resort guests and have only 1-2 dedicated staff.    There are also private islands such as Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island that some may consider a private resort but it is possible for others to be staying in individual rooms located on the island.

ÀNI Private Resorts may currently be the only group operating a collection of private resorts although we expect others to follow considering the growing demand for more private and exclusive options. For now, if you want to experience the privacy of a villa alongside the facilities, staff, and service of a five-star resort, then ÀNI is your chance to be one of the first to experience this exclusive type of accommodation.

To give you a better idea of what to expect at an ÀNI private resort …

Think resort-equipped villas in stunning locations, each offered exclusively to one group in residence.

Picture a general manager, executive chef, tennis pro and massage therapists all dedicated to pampering you and your loved ones.

House features like fitness and wellness facilities, instructional kitchen, tennis court, and waterslide likewise are exclusively yours.

Imagine these singular estates with gourmet menus, mixologist-curated bars, stimulating children’s activities, indulgent spa treatments, and other decadent surprises, yet no additional cost.

Dream of romantic retreats and exotic adventures. Go early morning leopard spotting, twilight kayaking under dramatic cliffs, or simply relax as your butler delivers cocktails on your own breathtaking beach…

At ÀNI, it is all yours.  

The private resort concept truly is the ultimate group travel experience.  Whether you are looking to travel with extended family, groups of friends, or even a group of medical professionals looking for networking or educational opportunities, a full-service staff awaits to pamper you and ensure you want for nothing.

Getting away allows us to connect with the world in new ways.  Families traveling together are able to put down their phones and engage with each other while the full-service staff takes care of the details.  Milestone birthdays and other events with friends are effortless as the staff ensures the celebration is a smashing success.  Think outside of the box and take your next continuing education course outside of a stuffy conference room and into the comfort of a private resort.

ÀNI resorts range in size from 10 bedrooms to 15 bedrooms.  Each room has an ensuite so no running into friends and families in the hallways at night.  The two closest ÀNI resorts to the East Coast are Anguilla and the Dominican Republic.  Within hours, you can travel from your front door to sitting poolside overlooking the ocean while a staff member brings you a cocktail exactly the way you like it.

There are so many choices at a typical resort – where to eat, what time to meet, which pool to meet at, where to congregate if it rains, what to do if the kids are different ages and can not be put into the same group at the kids club, what time is the class you want to take … the list goes on and on.  When the resort is all yours, you make the schedule.  You plan the menu.  You schedule the class.  It truly is all yours.

Just as a private resort provides you with a stress-free vacation where every detail is catered to you, using a travel advisor provides clients this same effortless experience.  A travel advisor saves you the hours of research that goes into planning the perfect vacation.  A travel advisor alleviates the overwhelming choices you have to make when creating the perfect itinerary.  A travel advisor helps to arrange VIP treatment for clients and takes the time to book all the extras.  In this day and age, an important service that a travel advisor offers that is often not considered is the ability to handle everything for a client if something goes wrong.  The last thing you want to deal with while traveling is a drastic change in plans.  Let a paid professional handle it for you.

Together with your travel advisor, a private retreat can develop custom itineraries and menus built specifically for each group in residence.  Your travel advisor works with the executive chef and team to deliver culinary journeys that combine the best of local flavors with international and fusion cuisines.  Travel advisors partner with ÀNI’s activity coordinators to structure a range of experiences with action, adventure, relaxation and pampering for kids and adults alike.

Decadent surprises await when you let go and let your travel advisor and ÀNI partner create your dream vacation.  Are you ready to explore more?

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