Introducing The Explore More Store

written 11.04.2020

I am tired. Like many of you, I was up late. I am anxious about the election results. As a born planner, I do not do well with uncertainty. I know that the only thing I have control of right now is my reaction. So I am choosing to react with a message of acceptance and kindness in the face of uncertainty in the form of The Explore More Store.

It’s true, most travel advisors do not sell merchandise. However, the goal of Explore More Family Travel has always been to do more than sell travel. The goal is to open the world to people and help them to see outside their bubble. There is a big beautiful world out there waiting to be explored. The world can be explored through travel, but also through books, cuisine, music, art, festivals, and more.

Another important goal of Explore More has been to eventually give back. The lack of travel in 2020 has made that goal impossible, but then I had an idea …

As I outlined in last week’s email, I have realized during this pause in the travel industry how much my love of design goes beyond designing trips. I love designing my brand, my website, my email format, my forms, and my out of the box ideas for keeping engaged with potential clients in unconventional ways!

So, I have decided to design to give back. 100% of net profits from The Explore More Store will be given to charity. The charities will change. To keep things easy, i am starting off with charities I have picked, but starting in December, I will give people the chance to vote for their favorite non-profits. I will keep everyone updated here and via social media on where donations are going each month. Below are a few examples of the items for sale. Click on any of the images below to be taken to the store or click here.

I am not done with the store.  I have more ideas.  I will be posting more adult styles.  I also plan to make it prettier, but all in good time.  I might be rushing the release of the store a bit, but I want to radiate positivity today and what better way than with positive messaging and giving back to worthy non-profits.

In more travel related news, I have been asked to speak at Cruise World next week. Last year’s event had over 800 travel advisors in attendance, in addition to travel suppliers. I am excited to continue making my mark on the travel industry, even in the midst of a pandemic. Continuing to talk about travel keeps me dreaming about the brighter days ahead. I hope you have found ways to do the same.

Keep Dreaming,

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