6,570 Miles Round Trip

6,570 miles! That is how far we traveled on our epic road trip. That is a lot of driving! In this blog post, I reflect on our trip now that it is over.

Utah Rocks!

Utah is gorgeous – it really does rock! There is so much interesting geology here. We did not have time to do any hikes or really see anything in depth, but we now know that we need to come back and spend more time there.

Yee-Haw From Wyoming

We are in full cowboy mood out here in Wyoming. Yesterday, we went trail riding up a mountain. It was the boys first time horseback riding, and despite Bryson being a little hesitant at first, I declare the experience a success!

So Far, So Good

Originally written 08.12.20 HAPPY WANDERLUST WEDNESDAY! We are off to a good start on our epic road trip.  Despite a late start on Saturday morning, we made it to Nashville in time for dinner at a BBQ restaurant with outdoor seating.  After dinner, Rob and I took a quick drive around Nashville to see The …