When we started Sips & Trips in January 2021, the world was a different place.  We wanted to provide people an outlet and inspire future travel.  The goal of our events was to keep us connected to each other and the world during this time when we were isolated.  Now that we are on our path to recovery and people are starting to socialize more, the need for these events is not as great – but it is still there. 

Starting July 2021, we will move our Sips & Trips virtual events to a quarterly format.  During the other two months of each quarter, I hope to offer a kid-themed event and perhaps an in-person event as well.  But before we switch to a quarterly format, we wanted to give you our best event yet!

¡Viva México!

This month, we will celebrate the country that Americans visit more than any other.  We will cover the popular beach destinations that everyone knows, as well as the mountain towns full of culture and art, and the big cities.  We will highlight some of our favorite properties as well.  

I will be sharing my experiences directly from the Riviera Maya from June 12-20.  I am excited for my co-host Cari to tell us about her recent trip to Puerto Vallarta.  We will wrap up the month with a cooking class from a chef in PV that Cari met during her travels!


Make Tacos el Pastor with Chef Manuel
6.30.21 at 6 pm ET

This month’s kit is a little different in that it is not  complimentary.  We are subsidizing the cost of Chef Manuel’s virtual cooking class.  You can join the class for $9.95 or buy the coach class kit from Salacia Salts that also includes a Paloma mixer.  This month’s first class kit option includes artisan items that Cari purchased on her recent trip!  See below to purchase kit or register for cooking class only.

What is a Paloma?  Only the most popular drink in Mexico!  Did you know that the locals prefer Palomas over margaritas?  This subject will also come up during our event.


How do you prefer to travel ... first class or coach?

Hola! This month’s kit includes a live, interactive cooking class, and the tastes and vibrant colors of Mexico.

Salted Paloma Mixer
The margarita may be one of the most popular drinks when visiting Mexico, but it’s not actually the most beloved cocktail of the natives. After a recent visit to the beautiful beach and colonial town of Puerto Vallarta, we learned the grapefruit-and-tequila drink known as the paloma is widely considered to be Mexico’s favorite cocktail. David Wondrich, notable drinks writer, even deems it the National Drink of Guadalajara, Mexico. It’s unclear how or when the paloma got its name, which is Spanish for “dove.” Some say it could have been confused or exchanged for pomelo, Spanish for “grapefruit,” as the spellings are similar.

It’s a citrusy summer refreshment, and here we bring you a Salted Paloma Mixer by El Guapo, hand crafted in New Orleans. Simply pour over ice with 2 oz of tequila for the perfect Salted Paloma. Get crafty by adding a grapefruit wheel or wedge to the rim – no salted rim necessary.

A “Made in the South” 2021 Garden & Gun Winner.

First Class

All First Class Kits come with items the cooking class and the Salted Paloma Mixer plus these special add-ons.

While Huichol art is a relatively wide umbrella term, it is most commonly thought to encompass the production of beaded and string art, which is always brightly colored and features symbols, animals and designs which are centuries old and of great significance to the Wixáritari people of Mexico. In the Mexico kit we bring you two handcrafted pieces of this style of art and crafts!

Chaquira beaded earrings
Here the art takes form from Chaquira beads which are very small, brightly colored and are used in traditional Latin American crafts, especially in Mexico. They can vary in size, but they are generally around the size of seed beads, allowing artisans to use them in incredibly detailed, complex patterns. Chaquira beads are often for sale in Latin America, along with traditionally beaded products like bracelets, embroidered blouses, and housewares. These were hand-selected from an art gallery on the ocean walk in downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Hand Painted Bookmark Art
Each bookmark is painted on handmade paper, about 8 x 1.5″ in brilliant colors and unique patterns including animals, botanicals, and inspiration of the Mexican landscape.

Mexican Sweets
We’ll include a two sweet treat candies like Mazapán de la Rosa Peanut; Glorias, a delicious soft candy, that get their delicious flavor from the goat’s milk and pecans; and Milk Coconut Rolls.

Kiss My Grits Margarita Lip Balm
Treat your lips to moisture and flavor of lime and orange essential oil with creamy mango and shea butters.

Taco Class Only

Explore Mexico’s extraordinary taco culture in a guided cooking led by professional chef and professional guide, Manuel. He’s the guy on the left leading Cari and others around Puerto Vallarta while teaching them about taco culture.   You will learn how to cook the perfect al pastor taco—including savor filling, adobo sauce made from scratch, salsa and more. You will get practical receipes that are easy to follow and make at the comfort of your own home.!

  • Virtually travel to Puerto Vallarta and spend 1 to 1.5 hours with Manuel, a chef whose passion for tacos is equal to his culinary expertise.
  • Learn how to cook the “King of Tacos” – Pastor taco, with an adobo sauce and a tomatillo salsa to perfectly dress it.
  • Hear amazing stories and the background behind this iconic Mexican dish!
  • Enjoy your picadillo salsa with chips — Manuel will teach you how to make this, too! — A perfect appetizer to start off your Mexican culinary fiesta adventure! Perfect your culinary skills in the comfort of your own home.
  • This is a perfect class to share with your food-loving kiddos!
  • Receive the recipes for the dishes beforehand so you can cook along with Manuel.
  • After taking the class, you will ‘wow’ friends and family with your new-found cooking receipe and skills.
    Support our guides! 


Explore More has partnered with Salacia Salts to create virtual event kits, a new kind of subscription service.  Each travel-inspired kit will be unique and tie to a monthly theme, but each virtual event will involve sipping a beverage, engaging with others, and connecting with the world in a new way.  Our collaboration was recently featured in Travel Weekly!


These virtual event kits are a product of the friendship between Cari Clark Phelps, owner of Clark Creative Communications and Salacia Salts.  and me, Jen, the owner and voice of Explore More Family Travel.  Our friendship began in Savannah, GA over fifteen years ago and has taken us all over the world together.  It is a friendship that goes beyond fun adventures, one that is rooted in our shared values.  Our entrepreneurial paths have crossed many times, so we think it is time to join in a formal collaboration.  

Salacia creates skincare, home fragrance and everyday essentials inspired by the South and sea. Products are created to provide a sense of natural relaxation, with attention to eco friendly values of sustainability and natural beauty – good for earth and good for you.  They also have a gift shop full of other brands as well.  Each kit will be inspired by travel and consist of items sold via their website and  in their stores in historic Savannah, GA.


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