If you are looking for the best all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean for families, you are in luck. One of the easiest destinations for American families to travel to, particularly those on the East Coast, is undoubtedly the Caribbean. Due to its close proximity to the United States, this region is especially attractive to those relatively new to international travel since it caters to American travelers. They provide you options which eliminate the stress of decision making and unexpected expenses which allows you to concentrate on your time together. Many of these resorts have the added bonus of Kids Clubs giving you and your partner an opportunity to connect which is not always easy to do when you are back home living your hectic lives.

London is a popular gateway city to all of Europe.  It is the perfect place to stop and recoup before continuing on your European adventures. There is so much to see in London, you could spend a month there and still not see everything.  However, children do not have that kind of endurance, so it is probably better to spend a few days here and move on. Here are some tips for families to explore London in roughly 48 hours.

Ever wondered what the best Greek Island for families is? Wonder no more!  You have come to the right place for a definitive answer on the best Greek Island for families who travel.

Drum roll please ….. Crete is the best Greek Island for families who travel!  

Why do you ask?  Please read below to understand why Crete is the answer and why you should start planning your Greek adventure to this family friendly destination!

I know this is not exactly travel related, but I wrote it and my adorable twins are featured, so I just had to include it here!

When you cross the bridge from the mainland to Hilton Head Island, you immediately know you are somewhere else.  Not to say that the island is undeveloped, but it is done in such a way that you do not notice it. Trees buffer shops and restaurants from the main road. Business signs are low to the ground and done in natural colors that blend into the surroundings. Thus, you notice the grand oak trees draped with Spanish moss, palm trees, and marshlands before anything else.  

Becoming A Travel Agent

Are you the person that all of your friends come to for travel advice?  Have you been to countries far and wide and yearn to share your passion for travel with others?  Then becoming a travel agent may be the right fit for you, but how do you get started? There are so many questions in determining how to become a travel agent, but let’s first define what a travel agent is.


Everything You Need To Know About Mickey’s Halloween Party

You may be wondering why you should pay $79 for special access to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  If you have just spent a small fortune on your dream Disney vacation including park hopper passes, Mickey’s Halloween Party may not be a good option for you.  But if you are purchasing individual park tickets, particularly if you have visited the Magic Kingdom previously, then Mickey’s Halloween Party may be the best way to visit Disney from mid-August to Halloween each year. 

How Did Halloween Start (1)

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