Jen is our founder & CEO, so there is a lot of info about her already splattered across the pages of this website, but here is a little summary for you.  

When she found out that she was having twins, her plans of globe-trotting with a baby in tow did not seem so simple anymore, but she had to try!  She is so glad she did because not only did she realize not only was it possible, it was enjoyable.  More importantly, it led her to create a family travel company that helps busy families prioritize travel.

Prior to creating Explore More Family Travel, she was a Financial Analyst and spent most of her professional career at Gulfstream Aerospace.  Thus, she knows a thing or two about luxury travel.  She also knows about ensuring that a financial investment yields favorable returns.  

Jen’s style of travel has changed over the years. From her luxury travel experiences as a sales coordinator for Gulfstream Aerospace to her days pushing two strollers around Europe, her fascination with culture has remained constant.  These travels give her insight into creating luxury family vacations with an emphasis on authentic experiences that will forever link her clients to their destinations. 



Kelli’s most important job is being a mommy to two adorable toddlers,.  She is originally from Michigan and a graduate of Michigan State, but her family relocated to Ohio last year.  Her absolute favorite things are the water, travel, and kids which makes her the perfect fit for Explore More!  Prior to becoming a mommy, she was an event planner for the American Cancer Society.  She also teaches swim lessons on the side (she’s basically a mermaid).  

Much like Jen, she was not sure how her passion for travel would work with young children.  However, she took her firstborn to Punta Cana when he was only 8 months old and was sold on family travel! 

Kelli’s outgoing personality and love of travel make her an ideal match for our role as Client Engagement & Support Specialist.  She will be tasked with keeping our social media and events exciting for our followers and clients.  Her experience with non-profit compliments Explore More’s Giving Back Pledge.  Her most important role will be taking care of clients’ needs after the booking process is complete.  She and Jen will work together to ensure that all necessary tasks are complete. but also to do the fun stuff that keeps clients engaged and excited about their trip.


Copy of Keep Dreaming,

Emily Duncan, a mom of 4 young children, believes that cultural exposure is a key to raising compassionate children who see the importance of valuing everyone’s story. Before becoming a mom, Emily worked as a trained American Sign Language interpreter. and visited all seven continents!  She stepped back from her position to focus on her children and giving back to her community in various ways.  Her combined personal and professional experience makes her the perfect fit for our role as Community & Culture Engagement Specialist at Explore More Family Travel! She looks forward to traveling the world again and bringing her kids along, and will also help us stay connected to the world when we are unable to travel. Emily, her husband, and her kids (plus their two fur babies) live in the Lake Norman area and are always looking for new ways to explore more!

are you ready to explore more?