Virtual Paris Scavenger Hunt – Madeline

Have you ever been so proud of something that it brings a smile to your face every time you talk about it? That is how I feel about my upcoming virtual tour of Paris based on the Madeline books. It is truly something special, and I would really appreciate it if you could help me spread the word.

I still can’t believe I pulled it off. I convinced European tour operator, Family Twist, to create a scavenger hunt all over Paris. They exceeded my expectations. The videos in Paris are with a detective who is putting together the clues to find Madeline who is hiding somewhere in Paris while our guide on the call helps us put it all together. This tour is not just about the pretty scenes in Paris, Family Twist has tied it all together beautifully with additional visuals that teach the children about architecture. art, dance, music, and more. As my children would say, it is going to be EPIC. Please click below for a sneak peek!

I have created kits that tie in with the event for families to purchase.  The kit includes the book Madeline as well as a French DIY craft from AR Workshop Davidson to reward children for solving the clues to find Madeline.  You can also buy the craft only if you already own Madeline or have more than one child and do not need more than one copy of the book. We are even offering shipping on the small canvas project.

I have offered these kits to the community to use as a fundraiser and am donating 100% of net profits back to any non-profit that wants to collaborate on this project.  The boys’ school is participating – yay!  I am creating the event in such a way that it can be viewed live on May 23rd at 3 pm ET or on demand whenever it is convenient for a family’s schedule.  That means I can reuse the tour in the future if you know of a non-profit that would like to make this a fundraiser in the future.

However, I am not just offering the virtual tour as a fundraiser.  If you or your children want to visit Paris virtually with us, you too are invited.  You can buy your kit below.  


The Portugal Sips & Trips kit is ready for purchase. This month there is nothing to sip in the kit because we are going to give everyone a recipe to make their own sips at home. This event will be even more interactive than usual because not only will we show you how to make your cocktail, but the kit includes all of the components to create your own Portuguese influenced tiles, azulejos. To learn about all of the components of the kit, please click the button below.


To sign up for this month’s Sips & Trips about Portugal, please CLICK HERE.  

On May 26 at 7 pm ET, we will virtually discover the variety of experiences that you can have in Portugal with Jesus Repetto, Co-Founder and CEO / Titanium Tours – my favorite partner for organizing custom trips to Spain & Portugal! I’ve asked Jesus to go into depth on the azulejos of Portugal which I am kind of obsessed with – you’ll notice that we have included a DIY azulejo kit in this month’s kit which we will walk you through during the Zoom.

We also have another special guest this month. Sonny Jelinek of CorkHouse will talk to us about all things cork I’ve been fascinated with these trees for a while so I am excited to learn more! There are also cork items in this month’s kit!

Bonus Session:  Jesus will remain on the call after the main event is over to discuss a trip we have put together that I will lead for families to visit Portugal next Spring Break April 09-18.  If you’d like to learn more about this opportunity, you will have a chance to speak directly to Jesus and me about this trip.


How can I not be thinking about Mexico today?  My clients were scheduled to depart for Puerto Vallarta today but their flight was canceled yesterday.  So they rebooked out of another city a couple of hours away.  As they were departing to stay overnight in that city, that flight was canceled.  This is likely a combination of the gas shortage in the Southeast and weather.  I attempted to cancel their room in Mexico, but I was told that I would not receive an answer until the morning.  This is where the story gets really interesting …

In the middle of the night, they decided to re-book on a completely different airline.  Also, in the middle of the night, I received word that their room was canceled!  So, now they are on their way to Mexico with no room, and I am waiting on word on whether I can re-book at the previous rate or if I need to book a new room for them.  

Meanwhile, they are literally in the air on their way to Mexico! This right here is why you hire a travel advisor – my clients are on their way to vacay while I take care of the details.  By the time they land, I will have some sort of resolution.  This is also why you buy trip insurance to cover the increase in costs associated with cancellations.  

I have another couple flying to St. Lucia this week.  Needless to say, I am craving my own vacation and am thinking about how relaxed we were during our last trip to the Riviera Maya.  I hope to recreate that magic next month when we are there!

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