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a virtual fundraising adventure in Paris

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fostering a love of the world while loving our community

Since its inception, Explore More Family Travel has been about much more than selling trips. We are about sharing our love of this big, beautiful world with anyone that has a desire to learn about it, whether that is through travel, reading books, creating crafts, watching videos, sharing photos, and more. We are also committed to being a partner to our community and giving back to it since it has given so much to us.  Find out more about our commitment to giving back here.

During the COVID pandemic, we have gotten even more creative in ways to share the world with our community and have been offering virtual events for adults. Since we are a family travel agency, we have been searching for ways to offer virtual events to children. After much brainstorming with European family tour operator, Family Twist, we have created a fun and engaging way to involve children in our virtual fun.

Having fun is great, but we want there to be a purpose behind our endeavor. We want to use this opportunity to give back to our community, so we are offering our virtual idea as a fundraiser for The Community School of Davidson.

Fundraisers need to adhere to social distancing guidelines so we think our virtual idea is a winner for families, especially since it is being done in a way that is flexible so families can choose when it best fits into their schedule.

the virtual event 05.23.21, 3:00 pm ET

Children will embark on an online journey through Paris with a French guide from European family tour operator, Family Twist. The children will discover the different Parisian sites mentioned in the book Madeline.  Each child will be provided a map when they purchase the book. Together with the guide, children will participate in a virtual scavenger hunt in Paris.  To reward the children for completing the scavenger hunt, children will receive a French-themed craft from AR Workshop Davidson.

Families will have two options for the virtual tour. There will be a live event on May 23rd with a chat function enabled so kids can interact with their guides. Another option will allow children to take the tour on-demand as a family’s schedule allows.  For families who do not attend the Sunday afternoon live session, this is a great activity for a rainy summer day to keep the “I’m bored” comments at bay!

the fundraising virtual adventure kit

each school will have its own link to track funds raised so do not use these

$10 from each kit and $7 from each craft go back to your school or non-profit

the pick up

each community group will have a separate pick up day to be arranged once school commits to fundraiser

The crafts will be available for pick up at AR Workshop Davidson120-A S Village Ln, Davidson, NC 28036.  But wait, there’s more!  Please visit bonus fundraisers section for more ways to raise money for your school or non-profit!

Information including map and links for accessing the virtual Paris Madeline tour will be distributed during pick-up and via email.

Instructions for the DIY craft will be included in the pick-up although this may be recorded as well.

3 bonus fundraisers

1) AR Workshop

Parents may opt to purchase additional DIY kits from AR Workshop for themselves, for their children, or as a gift to pick up at the same time they pick up their Madeline kit(s). 10% -20% of additional DIY kits will be donated to your school depending on amount ordered.

2) Whit's Frozen Custard

AR Workshop Davidson is located next to Whit’s Frozen Custard Davidson. Since you are already there to pick up your kit, you might as well stroll over to Whit’s for frozen custard. Whit’s will donate ten percent of sales on your assigned pick up day to your school.  How nice is that?

3) Travel With Us

Explore More Family Travel is hosting a Spring Break trip to Portugal in 2022 and a 2022 summer trip to France. These trips are designed for families. For each family who signs up for these trips, a donation of $100 will be made to their children’s school.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT PORTUGAL.  FRANCE DETAILS COMING SOON.