I’m at the top of the list!

Look at me!  I am at the top of the Top Producers List at my host agency, Gifted Travel Network! Let’s ignore the fact that it is in alphabetical order, I like saying I am on top of the list 🙂  Seriously though, my host agency has over 400 member agencies, and the fact that Explore More is even on the list is mind blowing – especially when I consider the fact that I did not have a client base when I started my business and launched shortly before the pandemic.  I am just so proud and wanted to share with all of you who support me each week by receiving this email.
Being part of the Top Producers Club gives me access to more benefits with Gifted Travel Network including a 60 minute strategy session with the Executive Team and a Mastermind retreat where I can collaborate with the other successful advisors.  I am confident that with this level of support, Explore More will grow in 2023 and will elevate our clients experiences. 

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