We cannot socialize as we want, and we are running out of series to binge-watch. If you are looking for ways to engage with others while spending your evenings at home, Jones von Drehle has partnered with Explore More Family Travel to bring you Sips & Trips, a virtual wine tasting event.  This is not a travel sales event; it is an effort to inspire future travel by connecting us to each other and the world during this time when we are so isolated.  

Those who register for this event will learn about the grapes and region in France where some of their  favorite Jones von Drehle wines originate, Bordeaux.  Our co-hosted wine tasting will feature a French guide from Bordeaux Excellence, a tour operator with over 15 years of creating unique and authentic experiences in the region.  Our guide will take us Château Phélan Ségurand to chat with the owner to learn about their wines and the experiences they offer. 

Once you order your Jones von Drehle Sips & Trips Bordeaux Collection, you will receive an invitation with the Zoom link, or simply register below to receive your  Zoom link for the event February 23 at 8:00 PM.  We look forward to raising a glass with you soon!

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Great Wines… Great Times… 
Under Blue Ridge Mountain Skies™

Jones von Drehle Vineyards and Winery is family owned and operated in the small town of Thurmond, North Carolina.  We have selected three Bordeaux style wines to accompany us on our virtual tour of the same region in France.

Cabernet Franc – One of the important grapes of the Bordeaux, Cabernet Franc thrives in our vineyard. In the nose you will pick up raspberry, black pepper and violet. 

Merlot – Hints of cherry, plum and spice round out this wine with a lingering fruit finish.  

Petit Verdot – A classic French variety that produces a rich, dark, deep wine with dried plum, black cherry and blueberry characteristics.

Purchase wines here.


is serious business, so tread lightly!  When in French company, make sure you do the following when toasting others:

  • Look at the person you are toasting with in the eyes. 
  • Do not add ice to your glass of wine. EVER.
  • Make sure that everyone toasted before you drink.
  • NEVER cross your glass with someone else’s.
  • Do not put down your glass between the toast and the first sip.
  • Do not forget anyone in the group.
If you are wondering what happens if you make any of the mistakes listed above, it is seven years of bad luck.  As for what to say, everyone says some variant of Santé with many opting to say the one word to basically say, to your health!