The Most Interesting & Notable Travelers In The World! 🌍

This week I recorded the podcast ‘This Week In Travel’, the show that ‘talks to some of the most interesting and notable travelers in the world, as well as providing useful tips and actionable information.’  Wow.  To be featured on a show that introduces each episode like that and hosted by three travel journalist who have had a long and notable career in travel is quite an honor.  I have listened to this podcast in the past and their guests are always notable names in the travel industry, including some of the bloggers I studied when I started my business.  Not that I am a blogger looking to monetize a blog, but I do think that putting a strong focus on my content is extremely important.  
You can download the podcast on iTunes or wherever else you get your podcasts.  Or you can just click on the link below to listen!

‘Take a Schoolcation’  – This Week In Travel Podcast, September 2020

The show that talks to some of the most interesting and notable travelers in the world, as well as providing useful tips and actionable information.

I also have another piece of exciting news this week.  The article I shared last week that I wrote for Scary Mommy has been used as a source for an article on  Rob was scrolling the internet and an article about ‘schoolcations’ came up so he clicked on it.   He soon realized that he was being discussed in the article.  Crazy!  

‘Take a ‘Schoolcation’ With Your Family’  – Lifehacker, September 2020

The other big piece of news this week is that Bryson & Connor had their first day of in-person learning at their school yesterday.  They were so excited that they woke up much earlier than normal yesterday – it was like Christmas morning around here!  We were fourth in line at drop off, that has never happened before.  Everything seemed to go well, so hopefully they will get to continue to go two days a week.  

Today, I am attending a day full of meetings with ASTA, the American Society of Travel Advisors.  This group has our industry’s back and has worked tirelessly during the pandemic to ensure that TAs who are mostly independent contractors are included in the government relief packages.  I am sure it will be an enlightening day.  I hope your day is enlightening as well!

Keep Dreaming,

Oh Canada!  Two weeks in a row of Canada photos, I know – but this photo is from Montreal, not Quebec City.  This trip was the first time we ever left the boys with anyone when they were a little over a year old.  As much as I promote traveling with kids, taking a trip alone with your partner is also very important sometimes.  
Like our trip to QC, this trip to Montreal was to get a taste of real fall which was especially important since we were still living in Savannah (which pretty much skips fall each year)!  You can easily go to the beach in October there, so we have always loved traveling to cooler destinations each fall.  
I look forward to the day when we can travel to Canada again!