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In this week’s newsletter it’s all about you the client! Not all clients are happy, sometimes things go wrong during travel, but I do my best to fix what I can and advocate for my clients. Luckily, the overwhelming majority of our clients are happy and excitedly share all the details with us. There is nothing I love more than photos and stories from our client’s trips. This week, I am sharing some of these happy stories!

Rome & Florence

We worked with new clients who wanted us to create a trip to Rome and Florence with a focus on antique shopping. They were referred to us by clients who had not traveled yet (they travel next week) which was extra special because they were basing their referral solely on us prepping them for their trip.

We usually reach out after a day or two into the trip to find out how everything is going. Not only did we receive an update, we started receiving updates every day! I told him that I did not want him to feel like he had to take away from his trip and send me updates every day, but he responded with a wonderful point – he wanted to report back while everything was fresh in his mind so that I could use the intel for his next trip. That’s right, he’s already purchased his tickets to return in November! Now, that is a good trip!

What really made these client’s trip special was the quality of the guides and drivers we arranged for them. The tours and drivers we arrange for our clients can not be found on TripAdvisor – they are the best of the best!

Baja Peninsula Mexico

We arranged a Nat Geo whale watching cruise around the Baja Penisula for clients. They wanted to arrive early and depart later than the cruise so they could enjoy the area. On their last night, they stumbled upon a local street fair celebrating our planet. They wanted to buy Dana and I a gift to express their extreme gratitude for all that we did to arrange their amazing trip.

Please note that we do not expect gifts from our clients! We are literally doing our jobs, but how lucky are we to have a job that we love and to have clients that truly appreciate everything we do to make their trip effortless.


We planned a trip to Sicily for a family of 6 that was focused on Easter traditions including day long processionals and many food traditions. The family had been making Sicilian braided bread at Easter every year. It was important to them to learn how to cook more Easter recipes on Easter Sunday which we arranged for them.

We arranged a local to meet up with them for the procession so that they fully appreciated what they were seeing. The tour guide went above and beyond for this family and arranged local high school students to meet this family and engage with their kids. This allowed them to connect to what they were seeing on a personal level. Every student had a family member involved in the procession and told stories about tradition and meaning. I had the pleasure of discussing this trip with the client in person and you could hear her appreciation for her trip in her voice. Gosh, I love what I do!

And for all of you White Lotus fans out there, here is a shot of Mt Etna from Taormina!

Paris & Loire Valley

Now, for our cutest happy clients of the day.

These two have decided that they want to move to Paris! And who can blame them?! Mom and dad were happy also with mom adding, “our vacation was amazing” and asking where to leave a review! See what else our happy clients have to say about their Explore More Family Travel trips HERE.

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