fostering a love of the world while loving our community …

Since its inception, Explore More Family Travel has been about much more than selling trips. We are about sharing our love of this big, beautiful world with anyone that has a desire to learn about it, whether that is through travel, reading books, creating crafts, watching videos, sharing photos, and more. We are also committed to being a partner to our Lake Norman community and giving back to it since it has given so much to us.

We realize that not all of our clients live in our community, which is why we do not limit our giving back.  We give back to the world at large and are inspired by current and natural events.


The goal has always been to give back, but there was never a formal commitment to do so.  Then, 2020 happened and there was nothing to give back because nobody was traveling.  As people start traveling again, it would be easy for me to wait to make a commitment to donate to non-profits.  I have a good excuse.  I really should re-invest in this business after a brutal year that crippled the travel industry and my business.  However, the brutality of 2020 is exactly the reason I can not wait.  It is more evident now than ever before that we all must do what we can, when we can.

I am making the commitment here for all to see that Explore More Family Travel will donate 10% of profits to non-profit organizations both in our community and in the world that needs us more than ever before.  There is no formal plan, but at the end of this year, I will list the organizations that have received donations from this business in the form of fundraising and donations. 

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Copy of Keep Dreaming,

Emily Duncan, a mom of 4 young children, believes that cultural exposure is a key to raising compassionate children who see the importance of valuing everyone’s story. Before becoming a mom, Emily worked as a trained American Sign Language interpreter. and visited all seven continents!  She stepped back from her position to focus on her children and giving back to her community in various ways.  Her combined personal and professional experience makes her the perfect fit for our new Community & Culture Engagement Specialist role at Explore More Family Travel! She looks forward to traveling the world again and bringing her kids along, and will also help us stay connected to the world when we are unable to travel. Emily, her husband, and her kids (plus their two fur babies) live in the Lake Norman area and are always looking for new ways to explore more!


When Rob and I married in 2011, we did not give wedding favors to our guests.  We left a card at everyone’s plate stating that a gift had been donated in their honor to a children’s orphanage in Cambodia.  We visited that orphanage during our honeymoon and traveled with them on a fundraising trip of their own within Cambodia.  

It has always been important to us to raise the boys to realize that the world is much bigger than the bubble they find themselves in much of the time.  Before they started elementary school, they accompanied me to volunteer at Refugee Support Services of the Carolinas on a regular basis.  They met children from all over the world and started to understand and empathize with those of different backgrounds.  

Between my boys starting school and running my own business, I have not been able to volunteer as much as I would like.  I was able to bring extra school supplies and visit a school in Jamaica during a recent trip, but that is not enough.  I want to do more, which is why I am formally committing to doing more now.  There will likely never be a perfect time, but there is never a wrong time to do more.  #exploremore #domore

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