JUNE 10-18, 2022

Travel on a custom tour that considers children in the itinerary and ensures that activities will keep their interest

Meet other families looking to travel the world in a new way 

Create bonds through travel that you can keep strong when you return from your trip

Kids behave better when others are around so this may be the ideal way to explore with kids


I guess you might want to know a little about me before trusting me to plan your travel for you (not to mention spending ten days with me!)  My style of travel has changed over the years. From my luxury travel experiences as a sales coordinator for Gulfstream Aerospace to my days pushing two strollers around Europe, my fascination with culture has remained constant. My travels give me insight into creating family vacations with an emphasis on authentic experiences that will forever link my clients to their destinations. Please click here to learn more about me and my passion for travel.