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A note to the grown-ups:  This virtual tour is designed for minimal supervision and with a variety of activities depending on child’s interest, not all activities are meant to be completed.  Even if your kids are not reading yet, each section has a graphic to indicate what is about.  Kids can click on the graphic or in activity description for videos.  Non-readers can just skip the reading sections if parents are working or unavailable.  The recipes are ideas for you and your child to make together.  Crafts will likely need supervision.  

Children can keep track of their virtual tours with the Virtual Tours Passport Coloring Book

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Thank you for joining us on our virtual tour!  
We are so glad you are joining us!  We are ready for take off! 

Bonjour! Bienvenue en France

Hello! Welcome To France

Most people think of Paris when they think of France.  The imagine walking down the streets of the glamorous capital sitting at cafes, eating croissants, wearing berets, and visiting the Eiffel Tower.  However, there is much more to this amazing country.
Our French adventure starts with some facts, then is broken down into twelve sections:  Overview, Books, Podcast, Coloring, Music, Crafts, S.T.E.M., Animals, Tours, Food, Movement, & Movie.
You do not have to do all of the sections, scroll to whatever interests you.

Quick Facts About France

Where Is France?

France is located in western Europe. France is bordered by the English Channel and Bay of Biscay; Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany to the north, Switzerland and Italy to the east and Spain to the south.  It also has coastline along the Mediterranean Sea.

What Is The Capital Of France?


More About France
  • The people of France speak French.
  • France is the largest country in western Europe.
  • The island of Corsica in the Mediterranean is part of France, even though it is closer to Italy.
  • The Seine is the most popular river in France because it runs through Paris, but the Loire River is the longest.
  • France is mostly flat and rolling hills, but it does rise dramatically in the southwestern corner to join The Pyrenées which is a natural border with Spain.  The southeastern corner rises into The Alps which borders Italy and Switzerland.
  • Soccer is called football in the rest of the world.  This type of football is the most popular sport in France.
  • Because of the mountains in the south of France, skiing is also a popular sport.
  • One of the most popular industries in France is fashion.  French people are known for their style.
  • The fields of lavender and wildflowers in southern France are beautiful.  The lavender is harvested in mid July each year.
Photo credit: Pete Linforth

We have checked all of these books out at our local library before.  See if your parents can help you do that or listen to the stories below.

We love Mo Willems!  This is not a video of a book being read aloud but a story of why and how a book was written.

Let’s take a trip to the Museum of Natural History in Paris with Tumble Podcast, where we met Zed, his mom Dana, and a butterfly scientist named Marianne Elias. Come with us as we visit the museum’s private “butterfly library,” and find out why some butterflies are toxic!


Play this French music in the background while coloring and doing crafts.

Here is a maze in the shape of France!  https://museprintables.com/download/maze/france/

Do you remember the big fire at Notre Dame Cathedral a few years ago?  Here is a coloring page of the cathedral.

My kids love connect the dots activities so I am going to start including one each week in the coloring section.  This one is of the Eiffel Tower.  To print, click the printer icon.


Make the rose windows of colored glass from Notre Dame Cathedral:  https://savybabyactivities.com/2019/07/23/notre-dame-rose-window-paper-craft-france-unit-study/amp/

The artist Vincent Van Gogh is from the Netherlands, but he did his most important paintings while living in the south of France.  Here is an activity inspired by his painting, Starry Night:  https://www.messylittlemonster.com/2016/05/painting-foil-kids-art-ideas-van-gogh.html?m=1

To see a photo of Starry Night and learn more about it, click this link and scroll to the bottom to listen to the section for kids:  https://www.moma.org/collection/works/79802


Engineering is a key component of a STEM curriculum.   Are you ready to build an Eiffel Tower out of paperclips, toothpicks, and glue?


This rare animal is spotted in parts of France.


The Louvre is the largest museum in the world and also one of the most visited.  Learn a few kid friendly facts in this short video.

Believe it or not, there is much more to France than Paris.  Here is a fun video about the different regions.


If you like pancakes, you’ll love French crepes!  You can fill them with all sorts of things, sweet and savory.  https://www.abakingjourney.com/basic-french-crepes-recipe/

Here is an article about food in France.  So many yummy foods in France – baguettes, French cheeses, macarons, and more!



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Ratatouille is our favorite kids movie about France.  You really can’t go wrong with a Disney movie!

Thank you for visiting France with us today!  Make sure to download the passport coloring book below.  We will add a new page with each virtual tour.  Ask a grown up if you need help.

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