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Cruise with Me

I have been chosen as a Virtuoso Voyage co-host on an upcoming Explora Journeys sailing, October 13-20 from NYC to Quebec City for leaf peeping season. This is different than actually traveling on a group trip with me as I will be hosting many passengers, but I will be around so it would be fun to have some of my readers along for the trip!

This sailing is categorized as a Virtuoso Voyage. That means anyone who books this cruise through a Virtuoso affiliated agency will receive the following perks:

  • Dedicated Onboard Hosts (me!): The hosts are focused on ensuring you enjoy your cruise; they’re available throughout the journey to answer any questions you may have and generally help everything go smoothly. In addition, they facilitate introductions between you and other cruisers at events such as…
  • Welcome Aboard Cocktail Reception: This is a private event planned specifically for you and fellow Virtuoso Voyages travelers. The onboard host moves about making introductions, and this helps you ease into the overall cruise socially.
  • Camaraderie Of Fellow Travelers: Chances are that you’re traveling with family or friends, but building memories with like-minded travelers you meet along the way can add an unexpected extra to your cruise. Share a few great meals and a terrific shore excursion, and you just might have some friends for life.
  • Exclusive Shore Excursion: You can immerse yourself in the local culture, or you can enjoy VIP access to venues. These exclusive shore events are specifically for Virtuoso Voyages cruisers. Your Virtuoso travel advisor will know about this, and/or additional options such as a gift or shipboard credit on select dates.

Cruise Night

I am hosting a cruise night with Explora Journeys in Davidson at The Hurt Hub at 6 pm on April 26. Nibbles and sips will be served. You must RSVP ahead of time to this email address so that we have enough for everyone. My rep from Explora Journeys is traveling to the area for the event. We are going to discuss what makes Explora Journeys so unique and why you should be traveling with them even if you are not a “cruiser”.

Explora Journeys

There are luxury cruise lines, and then there is Explora Journeys.

Most have not heard of this new cruising concept because it does not launch until summer 2023. However, those of us in the travel industry are eagerly anticipating its launch. Our clients are in the know already and booked on these upcoming journeys. Now, you will be in the know too! I am sharing some basic information in today’s email, but please join us on April 26 for a deeper dive into the world’s newest cruise line.

Think of Explora Journeys as a floating resort that allows you to unpack once and visit familiar favorites and off-the-beaten-track destinations during your journey.

There are no interior or ocean-view without a balcony cabins. The entry-level accommodation is an ocean-front terraced suite. Their Ocean Terrace Suites, Ocean Penthouse Suites, and Ocean Residence Suites are designed to create a home away from home comfort and bring guests closer to the ocean itself with floor-to-ceiling windows and private sun terraces.

Explora Journeys is raising the bar when it comes to service as well. They have the industry-leading guest-to-host ratio of 1.25 to 1. This allows guests to truly have a resort experience of relaxation while onboard.

Health and Wellness are an integral part of the Explora Journeys experience. The spa has been designed to mirror the deeply calming influence of the ocean. Their Ocean Wellness program includes personalized fitness solutions but goes beyond to include well-being initiatives like mindfulness practices, sleep and immune-boosting retreats, yoga, and more.

The leisure experience is essential in making guests feel relaxed. With numerous indoor and outdoor pools and whirlpools across the ship’s decks, the ship has been designed with water as a real focal point of the experience.

Destination Experiences are another way that Explora Journeys sets itself apart. They are providing the perfect blend of celebrated destinations and less-traveled spots for curious, discerning travelers.

Aside from the Chef’s Kitchen and Anthology which incur an additional cost, Explora Journeys is truly all-inclusive while on board. Every restaurant and every drink is included. Wifi is also included. No additional packages are needed.

Many luxury cruise lines do not necessarily welcome kids with open arms, but this is another way that Explora Journeys differentiates itself. They even encourage extended family gatherings with their Gather Together program. While there are no water slides and go karts on board, many parents will appreciate this quieter atmosphere. While my kids like a water slide or go kart if it is present, they are also happy with a pool and a great shore experience.

Exploration and discovery are the inspiration for Explora Journeys, but the ocean and its influence on your soul are the heart of the brand. For those who have an emotional connection with the sea, Explora Journeys will ensure you attain the ocean state of mind. To learn more, join us for a private event on April 26 in Davidson. Please see details above!

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