Elevated Experiences

It's All About Relationships

Explore More is an independent affiliate of the Gifted Travel Network, a Virtuoso member agency.   

What does that mean for you?  It means that even though we are our own brand with an LLC, we are part of something bigger.  We have a vast network of travel industry professionals around the world at our disposal. They have our back, and we have yours.  

Do you want to stay in a private trullo in the Puglia region of Italy? Take a custom tour in Paris based on your child’s favorite book? Take a private cooking class to make your favorite Thai dish? No request is too big or too small. Custom means custom.

Our work is never done. The travel industry is about the relationships we develop.  We take advantage of every opportunity we have to network and train so that we can bring you the most unique and authentic travel experience.  Being part of Gifted Travel Network not only allows our business to grow, but also gives us the access that allows us to elevate your travel experience.

Ways We Elevate Your Experience

We partner with companies around the globe that ensure the highest level of care while you are traveling. 
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Our affiliations mean our clients receive exclusive amenities at hotels.  You can’t VIP yourself, so let us do it for you!
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Cruising is an important part of the Explore More story so we love helping clients make the right selection.
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Our relationships mean we often have access to better group rates than businesses can get on their own.
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