Luxury Cruises

A Love Story

Jen has a special connection to the cruise industry.  Without it, she would not be here.  Her parents met onboard a cruise ship in the 1960s en route to Australia.  Jen’s grandmother was Australian and had married an American soldier during World War II.  Jen’s mom was on her way to visit her Australian family, and Jen’s dad was emigrating to Australia.  They spent two weeks sailing across the Pacific getting to know each other and falling in love.  As they say, the rest is history … Jen’s dad did not end up emigrating to Australia after all and eventually followed her mom back to the United States where they built their life together, with many international adventures along the way.  There is truly special about this mode of travel when done correctly.  Cruises take away so much uncertainty during travel so travelers are able to engage with each other while connecting to the world.

Explore More strives to find the cruise lines that best match your travel style.  We work with our cruise line reps to ensure our clients are getting the best possible value.  That often means our clients receive additional onboard credits just by booking through Explore More.  When you know the exact cruise you want and it is somewhere Explore More adds value, we are happy to book it for you at no charge.  You can either make your additional arrangement yourself or purchase our Luxe Concierge Add On Service if you need some hand holding like arranging transfers and shore excursions.

River Cruises

Jen has been on four river cruises in 2022 & 2023 with two more planned in 2024.  Thus, she is our resident river cruise expert and will work with you to make sure you are selecting the river cruise line and itinerary that is best for you.  Even if you do not love cruising, you really should try a river cruise because it is a completely different experience with a very cozy atmosphere and more leisurely pace.  Read Jen’s blog post ‘Why you need to go on a river cruise (even if you don’t like cruising)‘. 

Ocean Cruises

We work with most cruise lines.  Even mass-market cruise lines can be a luxury experience when booked into the proper cabin category.  Choosing a cruise line and itinerary can be so overwhelming, there are so many options!  We help narrow down your options and choose the best match for your needs.  Once you are booked on the cruise for you, we also prep you for departure and will be available until it is time to say, “bon voyage!”.