Club Med Québec-Charlevoix Grand Opening

Oh my goodness, last week attending the grand opening of Club Med Québec was fantastic!  Somehow I made it to Québec with only a carry-on bag!  I still don’t know how I did it (although it did involve sitting on the suitcase while zipping it).  I had to reenter security in Toronto and even made it past their fancy machines that sense the size of your bag to determine if it is a true carry-on!  I was sweating it (literally, because I had to sit on my suitcase again to zip the extra zipper that allows it to be in expanded mode).  I was packed for both skiing and schmoozing since it was a grand opening event.  I honestly did not know what to expect when I got there, but I was prepared for anything.  

I thought there would be more travel advisors at the event, but it was actually more press than anything else.  This made me feel even more honored to be included!  The official ribbon-cutting ceremony was full of dignitaries and the entire event was in French, but I still felt the excitement, it was contagious.  I think this photo sums up the grand opening ceremony at Club Med Québec pretty well!

Club Med Québec - The Food

The first night, I was invited to eat at the a la carte restaurant at Club Med Québec, La Chalet, which is completely sourced from surrounding farms and producers. It is a farm-to-table concept and very well executed. Everybody was raving about the food, even a Parisian who now lives in San Francisco could not stop talking about it, so you know it was good!

The buffet was also well done with unique stations serving international fare but also local must-try foods like poutine. This may sound crazy (especially since I have been to Italy multiple times), but I had the best pizza I have ever eaten at the resort.  The worst part is that I did not even try it until my last meal there because I felt like eating pizza was a waste when there was so much quality food at the buffet.  There is also a family restaurant within the buffet area for fondue and cookie-making classes which I think would be such a great experience for families!

Top 2 photos – Farm to Table Restaurant (La Chalet) & Bottom 2 from Buffet

The Rooms

Club Med Québec’s setting along the St. Lawrence Seaway is spectacular. 

I actually met with some of the architects and interior design team and learned about their process. They took full advantage of the water views at every opportunity. The design was cozy and alpine chic. My meeting with them was in the Executive Collection lounge which is a separate area where those in the elevated rooms can relax. The family Executive Collection suites have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a living area while the normal family rooms have 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. I really appreciate the spacious offerings that Club Med has for families.

The Kids Club

The kids club at Club Med Québec is the cutest I have ever seen. There was a section for babies, toddlers, and then the mini club for 5-10 year olds – there was a music room with a stage, an art room, and a game room complete with a foosball table. There was a ski room inside the kids club because the lessons are given as part of the daily programming. I love this because my kids are much more likely to learn to ski by a kids club ski instructor if I am nowhere around!


Ski lessons and ski passes are included with your stay at Club Med Québec. There is a small charge for those who do not bring their own equipment.  The Club Med ski room helps you pick out the right sizes and ensures your boots fit your skis. 

After you ski, you can go to the heated indoor pool which is very zen with beautiful alpine views and surrounded by comfy loungers and hammocks. Or head outside to the hot tub to soak sore muscles!  There is even a kiddie section.

Do you know what else helps with sore muscles? Yoga! There is an entire yoga room with floor-to-ceiling windows where multiple types of experiential yoga take place including chroma, hot, and sound healing in which the instructor plays a set of “singing bowls” during Savasana. The yoga room is right outside the Spa and features all the typical services and hot-cold therapy pools which are included with any treatment. Combined with the seasonal outdoor activities, it does feel like they are going for a wellness vibe at this resort.  

I am particularly excited to come back and try the winter activities like sledding, ice skating, snow shoe hiking and dog sledding!

The Entertainment

The entertainment is one of the highlights of Club Med resorts.  Quebec-Charlevoix was no exception.  The evenings were so much fun and what was really impressive is that the theater is indoors at the center of the resort, yet I could hear nothing in the next building.The circus team performed like they do at other resorts, similar style as Cirque du Soleil.  Club Med brings in bands to play in exchange for staying at their resorts, so the entertainment is always fresh.


80% of Club Med resorts are Green Globe Certified and all new builds are BREEAM certified (It is the oldest method of assessing, rating and certifying a building’s environmental sustainability).  A big issue at All-Inclusive resorts is food waste, and Club Med has used different methods to combat it at all of their resorts.  In Quebec, they have partnered with a company called Soulcycle which converts food waste into biogas.
You will not see any single use plastic at a Club Med resort.  At the Quebec resort, they have water (with and without gas/bubbles) and Lavazza coffee stations spread throughout the property.  You can use a paper cup or bring your own water bottle. This may seem like a small thing to mention, but it really adds up quickly to reduce plastic consumption.

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