Trip of a Lifetime: Africa

While a luxury travel agency can elevate your travel experience in every destination, there are some destinations that simply must be booked with a travel agency’s guidance, connections, and access.  Trips of a lifetime require a sizeable investment, and your investment should not be trusted to the internet but to a travel agency who has vetted partners around the world to ensure clients are getting the very best experience possible.  Africa is the prime example of a trip that is simply too important not to take advantage of the level of service that a travel agency provides.

By using a travel advisor, you know that your guides have been vetted by travel professionals.  Travel advisors can even arrange for you to have the same tour guide throughout your trip which allows you to build a rapport with your guide.  If a guide knows that you are interested in big cats, they will go the extra mile to get you literally off the beaten path to show you the lion napping under a tree that the throngs of tourists who booked through Costco simply do not get to see.

Safari accommodations come in a wide variety; they are not a one size fits all solution.  What might be the right choice for you might not be what is right for your neighbor.  Knowing the ins and outs of these properties means that we hand pick the right property for you and that you’ll stay with a staff that is engaged and with a very high service level.

Through the accommodations and guides that we partner with, you will get an authentic travel experience that is tailored to you and not packaged for the masses.

It is not just the trip experience that is enhanced when using a travel advisor.  A trip to Africa requires a lot of organization ahead of time.  You must be prepared.  Agencies provide you with packing lists, medications, luggage recommendations, and most importantly, a real person to ask your questions!  A trip to Africa requires attention to detail, and a travel advisor provides that level of service.

I hope that I have adequately explained how an advisor can enhance such an important trip.  What is more important is to understand why you should visit Africa.  I recently conducted a post trip interview with a local family that returned from safari in Tanzania.   I wish there was a way to add the tone of the father’s voice to the tone of this article.  I could hear how Africa had impacted his family.  He was in awe of the pride that everyone there had in their land.  He appreciated all of the opportunities throughout their trip to build connections with locals and was profoundly impacted by his family’s visit to an orphanage during the trip.  What I most appreciated was being told that the memories and photos of this trip is what gets the family through their bad days.  I can see why, these photos their daughter took lift my spirits as well.  A destination this inspiring must be planned properly.  To learn more, join our Africa event on January 17th at 6pm.