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Life does not end when you have kids. You can still travel as far and as often as you want. It is actually more important to travel once you have kids so that you raise well rounded, open minded children with an appreciation of what they have. We live in a society of first world problems, and we must do our part to raise a generation that appreciates the world outside of our bubbles.

We have the opportunity to raise little globetrotters who will forever be comfortable navigating the globe and will always appreciate the diversity of the world around them.

I am not suggesting that you spend your vacation building homes for people in third world countries, although I hope to one day be able to participate in these types of trips designed to help local communities.

What I am suggesting is this …

Stay at the resort in Mexico that has a band playing Mariachi music and serving traditional food, not the resort next door that is playing Bob Marley and serving Japanese food …

Choose the cruise line that allows you to explore deeper with a focus on local immersion and exclusive experiences that make destinations come to life …  

Visit the less traveled Puglia region of Italy where there are more olive trees than people and you are able to stay in the unique trulli that dot the countryside …

Seek a resort in Hawaii that provides cultural activities for your family throughout your stay and encourages your children to participate in these activities by giving them fun passports to track their progress …



And I can help you do all of this.

I have the experience of traveling far with my kids to assure you that it can be done and is truly rewarding.

I have the ability to ensure you are getting the most value for your vacation dollars because I am an experienced Financial Analyst with an emphasis on cost savings.

I have a passion for travel that will shine through in every detail of a well-thought-out, custom itinerary allowing your family to travel stress-free because I have handled every detail.

When you return from your vacation, your travel memories will be more than photos and souvenirs. 

You will forever be connected to a time when you put down your mobile devices and screens to watch real life different than your own and to a place where you and your family learned more about each other and the world around you.

If this sounds like the kind of travel you have been waiting for, you have come to the right place! Click below to Explore More!


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Travel is our passion. Some people are intimidated by traveling overseas, while others are simply intimidated by traveling with their children. Either way, we want to show you that it can be done and is extremely rewarding. The world has so much to offer, what better gift can we give our children?


Even if you can not travel, you can still bring culture into your everyday life. Culture does not have to be that of another country. We learn by introducing ourselves to the customs of people from different backgrounds. Culture encompasses so many things, and we will explore ways to experience cultures with our children.


Turn the mundane tasks of everyday life into an adventure. Try new things. Be willing to take a risk every now and then. Go outside. Put down your phone. Life seems so regimented these days, especially as parents. We will seek out ways to break away from our normal routine and engage with our kids.

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